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More recent than VME but profiting from the very same form factors the CompactPCI range of products came about to satisfy demands on industrial PC technology that required intelligent, cost-optimized products suitable for rugged environments and possessed log availability.

Because of the thinking behind this concept, many system designers rely on the robust nature of these modular and standardized CompactPCI / cPCI platforms.

Available in both 3U and 6U form factors, this technology is typically spearheaded by the latest and fastest Intel® Core™ processor technology for applications across all market spaces. Driven and supported by the PICMG group since the late 1990s, CompactPCI (cPCi) platforms are designed for modularity, ruggedization, Hot Swap, system management and provide dense computing performance, which is supported by optimized air or conduction cooled concepts.


The NVTP1001 is an intelligent carrier for PCI Mezzanine Cards (PMC) in 6U cPCI (compact PCI) form-factor based on the Motorola MPC8280 “PowerQuicc II” Power PC CPU. It is targeted at all kinds of telecommunications or networking applications with a need for a powerful and versatile interconnection platform such as SS7, ISDN, ATM, VoP or any combination of protocols. The NVTP1001 enables full use of any functionality provided by internal interfaces and the microcode of the Motorola MPC8280 “PowerQuicc II” ( i.e. IMA, ATM etc.) by utilizing an on-board central switching resource.


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Product Overview

MicroTCA Concept

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The TCP630 Reconfigurable FPGA with TTL/Differential I/O to PIM Module Slot is a standard 3U 32 bit CompactPCI module conforming to PICMG 2.0 R3.0; User configurable Xilinx FPGA; Flash device in-system programmable; 32 bit PCI target interface by PLX PCI9030; FPGA clock options: Local clock oscillator / PLL programmable clock generator (200 KHz - 166 MHz), 6 clock outputs connected to FPGA; I/O lines: 64 TTL I/O or 32 differential I/O or 32 TTL I/O and 16 differential I/O ; TTL signaling voltage (maximum current: +/-24 mA) or EIA-422/-485 signaling level / direction individually programmable; I/O access: 64 I/O lines via a PIM Module, parallel to up to 64 I/O lines on rear connector J2; Operating temperature: -40°C to +85°C

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TEWS CompactPCI Overview

TEWS Product Overview

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